Solutions Architect - Application Transformation for Seoul office 2019.10.16

#Job Title

- Solutions Architect - Application Transformation for Seoul office


- South Korea

#Job Description

- Work on small, focused projects (typically 6 or 10 weeks) in our office and/or at a

   customer location as part of a balanced team of architects, product managers and  business people

- Help customers realize unprecedented returns by transforming existing applications,

   across a vast spectrum of complexity, language and framework types, to run using Cloud Native patterns and practices

- Coach and mentor customer developers, architects, product owners and operations

   people as we use agile/XP and techniques like TDD and CI/CD

- Discover, understand and map existing SDLC processes and deliver automated paths to

  production for transformed existing applications.

- Continuously learn and be at the leading edge of Pivotal and industry trends

  You will also work closely with the Spring and Pivotal Cloud Foundry engineering team to:

- Provide feedback on – and contributions to – the Spring and Cloud Foundry open source

  projects, potentially becoming a core committer

- Assist Pivotal’s customers in migrating existing apps to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

- Modernize customer applications, incrementally improving infrastructure and app

  architecture techniques

- Work with Pivotal’s customers to architect and build new cloud native apps

- Become an agent of change within customer organizations

- Willing to travel and work on-site with customers 

#Job Qualification

- Fluent in business level English

- Comfortable in new situations with new clients

- Experience building distributed / service oriented / microservice-style and cloud based

  application architectures

- Have an understanding of – or implementation experience in – building Twelve-Factor

  You are a Java expert, with experience and familiarity building modern Spring applications 

  with Spring Boot; you have a strong background with Spring and related projects

- Experience building enterprise applications, including integration with COTS systems

- 8+ years of software development experience

#Preferred Skills

- You are a polyglot programmer (you might have used JavaEE, C#, Go, etc.)

- Experience integrating with Netflix OSS components (Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon, etc.)

- Experience with Cloud Foundry

- You are an Agile practitioner, familiar with extreme programming, test driven 

  development, pairing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and related

  techniques applications, and using Domain Driven Design


- Joshua / 02-2016-6605 /